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Why The Trucking Industry Needs Better Pricing For Growth?


May 2015

So you though cut throat competition was a great thing? Think otherwise now, as we analyse how cut throat competitiveness is eating away into the trucking industry growth or profits in the US and probably in most parts of the globe. While some had rejoiced at lowering of the pricing for freight transport via trucks, it needs to be pointed out that this has brought forth a slash in number of truckers.

Most biggies in this niche put pressure on higher authorities- such as forums, to minimize rates. The same story applies to customers as well. This, in turn, makes companies under cut the competitors in the industry. However, this has also brought in the issue of lower wages, poor conditions and lack of resources for proper training of truck drivers in its fold! Not just this, subcontractors are the ones facing losses too...

What ticks in the logistics market?


March 2015

With the myriad options in the field of logistics and freight, the worldwide market is booming with players that are made to enhance customer experience. In the UAE alone, there are so many entities in the niche, that customers often stand confused as to which name to pick. The most essential part of choosing a logistical partner or provider for any need is to weigh the needs against the scope of services.

Efficiency- While the efficiency of freight and logistics provider look great on paper, it is only an actual run that makes a customer remain sure. Especially, in a market where the growth is unhindered and with a safe cushion to be in business, these players take it easy. Make sure you check the viability and efficacy of the track/trace service on offer. The transit times, the real-time delay gap and the ability to put promises to practical ground need seeing...

UAE'S Logistical Segment Set To Touch $27 Billion Mark In 2015


March 2015

UAE has sealed its place as one of the leading global energy market players over the last few years. Of late, the country is seeing influx of funds into its transportation niche. This is being done for fast track growth in terms of infrastructure. In the current year, UAE is faced with ample opportunities clubbed with few challenges in terms of retaining its leading rank in the logistical segment.

In 2013, the logistics industry in the country stood at a value of $23.4 million. Of course, this figure covers manufacturing in the domestic sector, cross border trade as well as revenue from the agro sector. About 6 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product saw contribution from the logistics market.

Now with an optimistic sentiment growing head on, the market is anticipating value addition to the range of $27 billion by next year...

Sharjah On A High In 2015—The Boom Has Begun!


March 2015

When we think of the UAE, we tend to think of it as a distinct entity, often overlooking the fact that each of the seven emirates has a distinct industrial footprint. In the last six months or so, statistics have revealed that the third largest emirate, Sharjah is soon on its way to become a global investment hub. This is a result of the aptness of its location, the inclination of foreign investors to pump money into it and especially its latest A/A-1 rating that Standard & Poor bestowed for the long term and short term sovereign credit services in terms of local and foreign currency.

In addition, Sharjah's boom phase is further seconded by the strong financial state of its government, low margin of central debt and lower rate of financial risk. The basic set up in Sharjah is worth much praise...

​ Foodie Delights—UAE Set To Be Top Hub For Food Industry Manufacturers


February 2015

UAE is soon turning out to be a fave hub for manufacturers in the foods industry. The sector is seeing stable growth in the UAE, year on year. Experts opine that this is because of the competitive environment that is also conducive to investments. In addition, let us not forget the latest infrastructure that the UAE economy comes loaded with. More so, the region offers great boost for food manufacturing given its tax free systems, ease of manufacturing value added products and ease of operations.

It is to be noted that the UAE population is seeing rise thanks to the prospects of business here. Between 2012 and 2030, the population will have seen a rise of 26.9 per cent.Of course, it is important to specify that about 88.2 per cent of the population in 2030 will be non native or foreign workers...

Logistics In 2015- What Is Cooking In The UAE And Around The World?


January 2015

This year, the market for logistics in UAE is anticipated to grow to about 27 billion dollars. The major factors that could make this possible are-

1.Enhancement in trade volumes for import and export

2.Upsurge in local manufacturing sector

3.World-class infrastructural resources

4.Forward going governmental support

The stakes in the logistical industry has just been raised higher. Cut throat competition, need for quick adaptability and need to be in league with giants, have made survival a game that needs clever tactics.

Outsource parts of value creations chain—Customers have got more demanding, technology more helpful and logistical management more critical...

2014-- The Year That Has Been For #Logistics and #Freight


December 2014

The global logistics industry is facing a lot of challenges in terms of business, prices, operational structures and the like. While big names are making new forays into diverse geographies, some top names are collapsing due to piling overdues. Etihad Airways and Spice Jet are leading examples of both categories respectively. 

However, when it comes to the smaller players, the challenges, though similar are more intense and streamlined. Freight players in the UAE and the rest of the world are staring at investment blocks, plan hold ups and infrastructural challenges. For once, even if the economic climate is hearty, investor interest is limited. 

The Investor Story 

Plans are in perfect order yet the challenge lies in resource allocation for newer markets. While emerging markets are the places to tent at, logistical players are finding it tough to put their ball in a new court only...

Etihad Airways Expands In USA, Adds Flights To Dallas On Calendar


December 2014

Etihad Airways is on a roll. The already successful airline has now expanded on a wider scale in the US. Over the past one year, Etihad has added manifold destinations to its USA network. The latest addition came with Dallas or Fort Worth very recently. At a time when economic regression and issues are spurting out by the day, Etihad is optimistic that these enhanced connectivity options to and from USA will be a gradually beneficial one. It has added three flights, non-stop category, between Abu Dhabi and Dallas. More so, daily flight operations between the destinations are also in the offing.

The developments come about at a time when UAE is the largest Middle Eastern exporting market for USA while the latter is the global leader among aviation industry players...

Tapping New Markets For Air Freight Players:How Easy?


December 2014

The ultimate norm of any business, big or small, is governed by the zeal to expand. Even for the air freight industry players, this holds true. While newer destinations to do business with are emerging every day, here is a three pointer check list to follow before pumping in resources towards a new market.

Viability- Factor 1 here is the ultimate one to consider. While an ops or market entry plan could look great on paper, you will have to check if the receptiveness in the target market will be as high. The biggest mistake will be to expect a boom from day one...

UAE Air Freight Industry To Get Bigger With Fresh Ideas And Clever Thinking


December 2014

While the freight and transport industry is almost recession-proof given that the need to transport goods between places is a process that cannot cease, the harsher reality is that not all niches of this industry, ride high on the growth bandwagon. In the UAE, predictions and assumptions all give out high fives to the future of the air, rail, ship and road freight segments, yet the foremost sector is still not fleshing out in the best way it should.

Air Freight Needs To Move From Best To Bestest

Yes, while air freight is the best, most secure and the quickest way of shipping goods to any hub, a large number of customers and shippers go on to rely more on ships and rail. Why so? The issue lies not in the infrastructure or even a plausible lack of it...

IATA Predicts Very Bright Future For Air Cargo Players


December 2014

IATA has revealed the forecast for the airline industry for 2014-2018. According to the latest report, freight volumes in global terms will plausibly rise to compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1 per cent. The figure has been predicted for the next half decade span. The Middle East and Africa are the most well prone economies that will see growth. In the current year, air transport has been responsible for transporting above 35 per cent of the total volume for world trade.

The production signals ample improvement in terms of market performance. The current figure for world trade stands at 6.8 trillion dollars. The only risk in the path of air cargo niche growth is the slew of trade restrictions that the governments of G20 countries have implied. The major target that air cargo players have set for themselves is reduction in the overall transit time for cargo to 2 days or 48 hours, by the year 2020.

Bright Future For Qatar Airways In India


November 2014

While the UAE continues to see upswing on the economic scale and minor hiccups too, airlines from the region are flying high for practical reasons. While Emirates and Etihad are clear leaders in the aviation segment, Qatar Airways too is a name that has bulked up over time. In fact, latest buzz reveals how QA is gearing up to tighten its Indian ops further. In the passenger section itself, the airline has upped its flight numbers over the years. From four operational cities that saw service by QA, the brand today operates across 12 Indian cities. Of course, the airline also has freighter operations in the country.

Akbar al Baker, the present CEO of Qatar Airways, however adds that while Emirates and Etihad are going all out to reach over the expansion targets in India, it has no such plans at this moment...

Etihad Airways Crowned Thrice At Aviation Business Awards 2014


November 2014

The Aviation Business Awards saw a clean sweep on the part of Etihad Airways, UAE's national airline and carrier. Not only did it bag the award for Airline of the Year but also lapped up top honours for being MRO Service Provider of the Year and the Cargo Operator of the Year (Commercial Airline).

This year's award edition had been organized to raise a toast to all achievements that the Middle East aviation sector had come through. Held in Dubai, the event was organized by ITP Publishing. The award night saw attendance from top honchos in the aviation niche of the country as well as the presence of top level executives from the industry, around the world...

Why UAE Freight Players Are Well Poised To Take Major Leaps?


November 2014

The UAE has been having an economic honeymoon over the past few quarters. Thanks to enhanced returns on investments across public and private sectors, more cooperation from authorities and heightened interest of overseas and regional logistical business to indulge in business, the freight and logistics sector have seen massive growth.

Most firms have seen increased profits and heightened demand in their services. Global Freight Services too is a front-runner in the same niche. With specialized equipment, latest technology and enhanced procedure for clearances, the company has made an impressive mark.

Besides the online tracking systems and sound customer assistance, GFS is well poised to take along leaps because of its vision to serve customers-- not as a way of doing business but as a way of serving its purpose. With the 

UAE To See Upsurge In GDP By 2015


November 2014

The growth across all sectors of the UAE economy has been on an upsurge for a fair bit of time now. According to a report based on research by Euler Hermes, well known provider of trade credit insurance, the Emirati Gross Domestic Product(GDP) will see about 4.5 per cent growth next year. In the current year itself, UAE will see rise in GDP by about 4.2 per cent.

Last year that is in 2013, the export value of UAE touched the AED 1.4 trillion mark. This year we are expecting to see a 6 per cent rise over and above this figure. The trend is anticipated due to heightened demand from countries such as Thailand, India, Taiwan and Singapore. With the freight and logistical niche growing on such a strong footing, UAE is also poised to see positive growth in the next many years to come. No wonder, after Saudi Arabia, this country ranks as Middle East's most diversified economy...

Will Drones Change The Future Of Logistics In The UAE?


November 2014

Just some time back, drones in Russia created a stir worldwide-- when they were used in place of pizza delivery personnel. Now the drone rage has flown over to the UAE. Guess what? The freight and logistical industry is planning to incorporate drones in its line of ops soon. Since the time Dubai has taken up a pledge to turn into a modern day "smart city", authorities and biggies in the freight and transport industry are toying with the drone idea. Ever since the National Innovation Strategy saw launch under the aegis of Dubai's ruler, Vice President and Prime Minister, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tech talks are being taken up seriously.

Since a wide prong of the NIS is to catalyse innovation in the niches of air, sea and land transport/logistics, we believe that drones actually can help enhance service allied efficiency and curtail costs too...

How The National Innovation Strategy Will Make UAE Economically Stronger?


November 2014

The National Innovation Strategy for UAE in 2014 has gained immense appreciation and praise from around the world. In fact, skeptics who had been unsure about how implementable it would be, have admitted that the strategy is seemingly set to work well along four tracks. All of these tracks, though parallel, are coordinated along each other. Here is an analysis we have done at Global Freight Solutions portraying the viability of the strategy along these tracks.

Initially, the strategy will stimulate and foster an innovative environment that will warm up new infrastructure across the country. In fact, the government expects the NIS to catalyze niche-based innovations. Not to forget the heightened need for developmental and research studies across the industrial sectors involved...

UAE Air Cargo Will Rank 3rd Globally By 2018: Iata


October 2014

Here is some brilliant scoop following data analysis and research by the International Air Transport Association (Iata). With the rapid growth seen in the aviation sector in UAE and with ample contribution from Dubai World Central in UAE, the country will soon rank third in terms of being the largest market for air cargo in the next four years.

Together with China and USA, UAE is set to add freight tonnage that crosses the 1 million mark. In fact, UAE will replace Germany when it attains third rank by 2018, in this niche...

UAE Launches National Innovation Strategy—Will Logistical Industry Players Face Changes?


October 2014

When we heard the song ‘Times, They Are A-Changing’, little did we know that everything from technology to freight would see myriad changes over the years. Now, UAE has gone ahead and launched its National Innovation Strategy. This is set to change the dimensions of all niches in the industry as a whole. During the launch, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Dubai’s ruler announced how he believes this strategy can enhance the developmental level in UAE.

On another note, it is noteworthy how UAE already ranks among the most innovative Arab nations in the world. Al Maktoum says that the new strategy will be implemented with a target of making UAE more innovative further over the next half decade or so...

Maximus Air UAE Emerging Back Into Logistical Game—Plans Expansion After A300 Rollback


October 2014

A year ago from now, Maximus Air, one of UAE's popular cargo carriers had grounded its A300 fleet. The reason cited had been low demand for the same. Thanks to the current market in the freight segment looking up, Maximus Air is set to expand business from early next year. The carrier had been undergoing restructuring since 2013. In fact, it maybe of note that Maximus Air is UAE's biggest carrier of cargo.

When quizzed on what made the cargo carrier rethink its expansion plans, Mohamed Ebrahim Al Qassimi quipped that it has been receiving an enhanced stream of bookings all across its fleet. The bottom-line, he added, remains that Maximus Air will keep its focus on the main business while ensuring that it taps newer opportunities for growth...

Choose The Right Freight Forwarder For Your Logistical Needs


September 2014

While you might have dreams of expansion overseas and the right products to trade, finding the right freight forwarding partner could mean a whole lot. While you could be apparently scurrying to find the right name among the zillions of logistical providers in the UAE, here are the best reasons why Global Freight Solutions could be a better net than any other name.

Most likely, you will have to analyze your needs and exact volumes involved for transport before approaching a service provider. Mostly, logistical companies offer you run on mill packages that the market considers a norm. The primary difference in the way GFS does business is that we handle any and every freight volume or category with ease. Instead of letting the customer do all the research and spend time, our team exclusively takes him or her through the packages selection process seamlessly...

Etihad Rail Joins Hands With UAE’s Military—What This Means For The Freight Industry?


September 2014

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the rail network in the UAE. Etihad Rail, the chief operator and prime developer of the country’s railway network has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Armed Forces of UAE. While this automatically spells tighter security norms and more safety, it also spells great news for the logistics industry.

As per the memorandum signed, the Armed forces will now gain primary control over all installations and facilities that comes within the bracket of the agreement. The means that stations, depots, yards as well as terminals will all be covered within its scope. 

What’s more is that Etihad Rail will now offer linkage for five main logistical centres of the military that had been under the purview of the Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces, until now. This means that transport of freight over rail routes, now becomes all the more safe...

UAE Logistics and Freight Market Sees 71% Upsurge In Job Growth Rate


September 2014

The UAE job market has emerged out of its gloom and slump, thanks to its logistics and supply chain sector. The industry has seen growth by 71 per cent in terms of new jobs and recruitment since 2013. This sentiment can be allied to the improving economic condition in the Emirates and the stabilization of demand in sectors as mentioned above.

The freight industry has seen tough times since 2012 but finally, with numerous medium and small businesses emerging in the niche for UAE, one can find a strong footing. More so, the average rate of online recruitment for jobs in the logistical sector has seen an upsurge this year. Despite the current month being the lowest point since September last year on these lines, the optimism here is that the month has only just begun...

Dubai To Host Emerging Markets Airport Security Summit (EMASS)


August 2014

The current freight industry around the globe is largely concerned with the issue of airport safety in emerging markets. This holds especially true for the UAE freight and logistics industry. Dubai is all set to host the Emerging Markets Airport Security Summit (EMASS) in November this year. The venue is Le Meridian Hotel on Airport Road and the Summit will be held on 26th and 27th November.

The Summit, organized by Arabian Reach FZE LLC, is being awaited with bated breath among industry experts and players. It is probably being looked upon as an important means for creating enhanced awareness about airport safety.

What Lies In The Summit For Freight Industry Names?

Well, among all other things, one that comes to mind here is the understanding that can be developed on the subject of airport security. More so, the Summit could stir in much needed strength for the industry in the UAE and in its airspace...